The Best Way to Shop for Mens Thongs and Bikinis

Something that many men never grow tired of doing is shopping for new mens thongs and bikinis. This can be done either by hitting up the local mens shops or sitting down in the privacy of your home with your computer. Nothing can be simpler than browsing through some of the more popular and higher quality mens websites as you relax in your favorite chair. While you may not be able to actually try on any of these swimsuits, these websites will have the necessary instructions for figuring out the size you need to order. Plus, you don’t have to worry about some sales associate standing by and peering over your shoulder as you peruse the swimsuits that have caught your attention.

Of course, shopping for your new mens thongs and bikinis in a physical establishment does carry some good points. Obviously, you will get to see the quality of the swimsuit up close and in person. Photos can enhance the look of a garment because of the various touchups that are performed. Therefore, a swimsuit that might look perfect on a website may actually be flimsy and cheaply made when you hold it in your hand.  Had you done your shopping at the mall or whatever, this would not have been an issue because you would have walked away from poor quality swimwear.


One of the most important things about shopping in person versus online for mens thongs and bikinis is the aforementioned size problem. While it is true that the websites that sell higher quality swimwear for men have a dedicated page to help with selecting the right size, there is never a guarantee that you will find that perfect fit that you need by using their guide. On the other hand, trying on the swimsuits in person will let you know instantly whether or not you have the fit that you require. Naturally, men who are displaying their hot bodies on public beaches are going to want their swimwear to mold perfectly to those well-toned bodies. However, if you know your body really well, chances are excellent that you will be able to shop just fine on the Internet.

Fun Things to do in Mens Thongs and Bikinis

Mens thongs and bikinis offer many pleasurable options for having fun while wearing them. Obviously, you can wear them when you go visit the beach or even hang out at a resort swimming pool. That is where most guys probably wear these garments because they were created to use while swimming. They were developed from the normal mens swimsuits such as trunks or shorts. As time goes on, however, it has become clearer that these garments can be used while engaging in several other activities and men are choosing to wear them more and more.

For instance, body builders now turn to mens thongs and bikinis when they are competing. These garments really stand out on those well-oiled and muscled bodies. It is easy to see how garments like these can serve to enhance the competition as the body builders stand onstage posture and pose. Everyone in the audience will have their gazes riveted on the men onstage, but those bikinis and thongs that they are wearing will also command a great deal of attention. As they stand there barely dressed in bikinis and thongs of gold, silver and flesh colors; the lights will bounce off of these garments and make the competitors even more mesmerizing. 

Also, believe it or not, mens thongs and bikinis are very popular for certain types of swimsuit parties that lots of men like to have. These swimsuit parties have grown quite well-known in recent years and the invited guests are always required to wear a thong or bikini to the event. Many times, there are even contests where the guests get to compete for who has the most unique, sexy, and well-fitted swimsuit. Prizes for the winner differ from party to party but they are usually some nice things such as gift certificates for new swimsuits. In the end, whatever way you choose to wear your bikinis and thongs, there will always be plenty more options for you along the way.

Shopping for Mens Thongs and Bikinis

Every year during the summer season, there is a mad rush on shopping for mens thongs and bikinis. Since these particular swimsuits have become so popular in recent years, guys have felt the need to find the sexiest of them to wear when they head down to their local beach. Even better is when they are able to travel to some international beaches where they can really let loose. They do that because they know that they will be in a location where no one is likely to recognize them. This allows them to really cut loose and show off all of that bare skin. Of course there will be a lot of work that needs to go into getting ready to successfully wear these particular garments.

Before you even begin shopping for your new mens thongs and bikinis, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. First of all, your budget needs to be sorted so that you know exactly how much money you can spend on these types of new swimsuits. There is no need to go broke trying to look hot. Besides, it won’t matter how hot you look if your bank account is empty and you are about to get evicted for not paying your rent or mortgage. Therefore, you need to be careful that you don’t overspend. You can always save up for this particular shopping spree and then you will be set.


Something else that you need to deal with before shopping for your mens thongs and bikinis is the way your body looks. If you happen to be packing a few extra pounds, you will want to peel those away before you try wearing something of this nature as they are quite revealing. Excess body flab is never attractive no matter what some people would like to believe. Nothing is going to ever make fat sexy. So take care of that along with any crotch hair that might just be more than anyone wants to see. It is never sexy to go around sporting shrubbery peeking out from each side of your crotch.  It does not matter how great you might look otherwise. That hair has to go if you want to look hot in these tiny swimsuits.

Setting the Record Straight on Mens Thongs and Bikinis


Extreme penis shaped pouch men’s thong swimsuit


While mens thongs and bikinis might have been around for several years now, there was a time when these swimsuits were not so readily accepted in the public. For a long time, the human body was considered to be best hidden and anything that went against that rule was frowned upon strongly. Things were so bad in the late 19th to early 20th centuries that people were pulled out into the ocean in little carriage type structures on wheels. These were especially used with women. They would step into the carriages and change into a swimsuit that resembled a dress. Then they were carried out into the water a bit and allowed out of the carriage to do some wading. That must have really been fun, right?

Extreme swimwear designs from


Back in those days, you can bet that the male population was not appearing in mens thongs or bikinis. If they had dared to do that, they would have been immediately and unceremoniously carted off to jail for the night. Men wearing these types of garments in public would have been considered indecent and would have been treated accordingly. Nothing would have made this sort of swimwear acceptable at that time. It makes you wonder exactly how those people that lived then would have reacted to going to beaches these days. It would be entertaining to watch the expressions on their faces as men stroll out onto the public beaches wearing these itty bitty swimsuits.

If you have ever been tempted to step out and try out some mens thongs or bikinis, now is the day to do it. Today, men are allowed and even encouraged to wear some of the most innovative swimwear that is available on the market. They don’t apologize for what they choose to wear when they got out for a day of fun in the sun and sea. Instead, they choose to take great care of their bodies so that they can display as much of it as possible when they go tanning or swimming. You can bet that they get plenty of attention when they appear in these tiny swimsuits and they are happy to have it!

Are You Brave Enough to Wear Mens Thongs and Bikinis?


Let’s say that you have spent months and months eating healthy, working out regularly, and just doing an allover toning up of your body. Next, it is time to choose from a myriad of mens thongs and bikinis when it comes to showing off your brand new and improved body. The question becomes: are you brave enough to wear either of these swim suit styles out in public? You may be one of those shy men that are never comfortable showing off a lot of bare skin. On the other hand, if you have been working so hard on your body to get the kind of attention that you have always wanted; why would you not take advantage of that?


While you ponder that question for a moment, consider also the fact that mens thongs and bikinis are perfect to showcase that new body of yours. Just imagine all of the lustful and admiring stares that you will get when you slip into a thong and head out to the beach. If a thong is a bit too much for you, then wear a bikini. It will show off just the right amount of bare body to get people looking while avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of being completely on display. After all, a thong does show all your bare ass and you may not feel great about that.

However, after discussing the advantages of wearing a bikini, it is only fair to touch on the thong. This is the swimsuit for men that are serious about attracting people to them. When it comes to the differences between mens thongs and bikinis, there are probably not that many. The most notable one is the rear of these swimsuits. The bikini covers the ass quite tightly and nicely, while the thong covers nothing at all. Obviously, wearing at thong does take a bit more courage than sporting a bikini, although that does not mean that you cannot build up the courage to wear the thong once you have become comfortable with the bikini. Just give it time and you will see.

Opening Up to Mens Thongs and Bikinis


While I have no problems with wearing mens thongs and bikinis out on the beach, there are a number of people that seem to think I should make different swimsuit choices. I get people coming up to me all the time wanting me to put something on over my choice of swimwear. They always come up with the same arguments about how their family doesn’t need to see me walking around in something that skimpy. But I always tell them that I am well within the regulations for the beach and, if they don’t like it, they can always find another beach to visit.

I know that telling these people they can leave instead of me changing out of my mens thongs and bikinis is a bit rude, but that is what they get. Just because they don’t like the looks of them doesn’t mean there aren’t others in the world that will enjoy them. I get plenty of compliments from both men and women on what I chose to wear. If I wasn’t getting any compliments, then I would probably not wear them to the beach in the first place. Or at least find a beach where I would end up getting compliments from people.




I will refrain from wearing some of the sexier mens thongs and bikinis because they tend to show off a little more than I am comfortable with the general public seeing. I keep those designs specifically for the bedroom or just relaxing in around the house. I get a lot of compliments in those too but the kind of compliments I get in the bedroom aren’t going to be the same as what I would get taking them out on the beach. I do have morals after all and no one should be forced to see that much sexiness without actually wanting to see it.



Shape up to Wear Mens Thongs and Bikinis

Shape up to Wear Mens Thongs and Bikinis    


Mens thongs and bikinis can be some of the sexiest garments on the planet when worn by men with the right body type to be flattered by them. It is clear to see that these are some pretty special swim suits and that only the most special men should be seen wearing them in public. While it may seem too difficult to attain the near perfect body required to look amazing in these, it is actually simpler than you might think.


First of all, strip naked and look at yourself in a full length mirror. Be brutally honest with what you see there. Take note of any problem areas that may be noticeable in mens thongs and bikinis.. Next, settle on a healthy eating plan that will help you do whatever it is that you need in order to either slim down, tone up or beef up a bit. A weight issue doesn’t always have to be on the side of obesity. Many times it can be a problem with being too slim. Men wearing these types of swimsuits can look just as unattractive by being too skinny as those that carry too much body fat around.


Stick with your diet and workout regime for as long as it takes to see some results. If you need some motivation, take out your mens thongs and bikinis to try on occasionally. This will help you to see what progress you have made. As you begin to see that you’re becoming sexy and attractive in your chosen swim suit, it may work to encourage you to keep going. The day will come quickly enough when you will see just how successful all of your hard work has been. You will slip into your thong or bikini and finally see that you’re a pretty hot guy. That’s when you will be ready to hit the beach and collect some phone numbers.


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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!



The New Fashion Craze of Mens Thongs and Bikinis


Whenever I go out to the beach and see mens thongs and bikinis being worn, I smile. There used to be a time when things like this weren’t accepted, but now it’s all the rage as far as I can see. More and more guys are starting to realize that there is nothing wrong with showing off a little more skin than what they used to in the past. In fact, there are a couple of beaches out there that allow you to show off nothing but skin, although you probably won’t find very many thongs or bikinis being worn to those places.

I have been wearing mens thongs and bikinis for a long time now, probably before most other men even knew they existed. In fact, I remember being the only one out on the beach that had anything on other than a speedo or boarding shorts. Now, however, there are so many different designs in swimwear that seeing guys wearing the same thongs or bikinis daily just doesn’t happen. Even I am a bit confused as to what some of these designs are being called, but I love the fact that guys are wearing them more often.

I would suggest anyone wearing mens thongs and bikinis to make sure they are in decent enough shape. I have seen some guys that probably shouldn’t be wearing something like this out in public, although I do commend them for being different and taking their own path in life. But others don’t seem to think the same way that I do and many people were either disgusted or laughed at them when they walked by. Not everyone in this world is ready for these swimwear options to be worn by guys, but don’t let it stop you from wearing them in private until you do have the body for them.

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Mens Thongs and Bikinis for Older Men


Seeing guys wearing mens thongs and bikinis made me realize that I am a bit too old fashion to go to the beach. I always felt that guys should be wearing swimsuits that covered up their bodies and didn’t show off too much skin.  But the more guys I see wearing things like this the more I want to get out there and show off my body. So I did the only thing I knew to solve that little issue; I went out and bought my own thong to wear. It wasn’t easy for me to do that, but I felt I had to in order to prove a point.

Now when I see other guys wearing mens thongs and bikinis I feel like I am a part of the culture. I used to shake my head in disgust when I saw guys wearing things like this out in public. But I am just like them now and I can fully understand why guys would want to wear something of this nature. Not only do they look good in them, but they are so much fun to wear. I honestly can’t get enough of my thongs and bikinis, even at home.

I know that wearing mens thongs and bikinis, at my age, probably isn’t something everyone wants to see. On the other hand, I do get a lot of people congratulating me for doing so. I guess they like the fact that an old man like me is willing to embrace something new and run with it. Although when I am actually running, I find that my cock has a tendency to flop out of the suit I am wearing and scare people. Other than that, I enjoy getting out there and acting like I am part of a younger generation that understands what it means to have fun these days.

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Reactions to Mens Thongs and Bikinis


Every time I take my mens thongs and bikinis out in public, I always get the same looks from people. One set looks at me and cringes like I am about to bust my swimwear open in front of them and wiggle my cock in their faces. The other group does a double take before smiling awkwardly and walking away from me. It feels a bit odd when either of these groups look at me so I have decided to give those looks back to people that I feel would do this to me on the beach. Only I don’t do it on the beach.

I find people out in public going about their normal lives that would look at me strangely while I was wearing mens thongs and bikinis and give them the same looks. It’s rather interesting to see the reactions that they have when I look at them in this manner. Most people don’t like it and will attempt to get in your face to ask you what your problem is. I learned that some will even get physically upset with you and try to back you into a corner so be careful if you are going to try this yourself.

I love wearing my mens thongs and bikinis and a bunch of ignorant fools making funny faces at me isn’t going to stop me from wearing them. I have way too much self-respect to have people   like that change my mind on anything. If they were to wear something like this, even in the privacy of their own homes, they would probably end up feeling the exact same way I do. Then they would stop looking at people on the beach like this and the entire world could start working out how to get along better. At least that is what I keep hoping for in the future but it may all still be just a pipe dream of some sort.

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