Choosing Between Mens Thongs and Bikinis


Many men face a challenge of sorts when shopping for new swimwear. That challenge comes when they feel they must decide between mens thongs and bikinis. For a lot of these men, it is more of a preference than a “must have” for one or the other. These are the guys who know that they have pretty great bodies, or at least decent ones, and they realize that they will look pretty remarkable in either style. Therefore, they may simply prefer one style over the other. Then there are the guys that feel they look best in thongs rather than bikinis or vice versa. Of course, there will always be the guys who are just so indecisive in all areas of their lives that they make it difficult on themselves before simply buying both styles.

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Actually, buying both mens thongs and bikinis is a pretty good idea when you are one of those fit conscious men who looks pretty hot in any type of clothing they wear, particularly swimsuits. All of the guys in this group have it pretty easy. They can see a selection of swimsuits for men and find something that catches their attention, just grab it off the rack or order it from online, and sit back to await the delivery. It really is something that they do not have to worry about because they know that whatever swimsuit they choose to wear is going to flatter them and draw all sorts of positive looks in their direction. A lot of these men are so used to getting hit on that they rarely notice it because it has become second nature.

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However, what about those men who actually do need to decide between mens thongs and bikinis? This is probably where you might want to bring in a trusted friend to give you some honest feedback because it could be completely true that you look better in one style than the other. That friend needs to be fully truthful with you about whether you should be wearing a thong or a bikini. Then you can be assured of making the best decision for your body. This insures that when you hit the beach or swimming pool, those admiring and lustful looks will be aimed at you, too.

Mens Thongs and Bikinis Can Make the Man

Shopping for mens thongs and bikinis can be a bit of a challenge for many men. On the other hand, this very same activity can turn an ordinary man into the best that he can be. It all comes done to the style, design and, of course, the fit. Actually, as long as these swimsuits fit a man’s body the perfect way, they will do nothing except flatter the man who is wearing them. These are the men that have virtually no problem with shopping for any type of clothing, yet they find shopping for swimwear to be the easiest of all. The reason for this just might be due to the fact that they take very good care of their bodies.

When you begin to notice all of the well-toned guys who successfully wear mens thongs and bikinis strolling confidently along the water’s edge at the beach, it might just give you that nudge you need to finally start getting your body into shape. Obviously, guys who go by the nickname of Moby Dick should most likely stay away from such styles of swimsuits. There are swimsuits that are made with those guys in mind, but they are neither bikinis nor thongs, and that is something that everyone is eternally grateful for unless they have a really large fetish for men of enormous size. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but that is a conversation for another day.

The point is that when those out of shape guys see the reaction of the guys who look amazing in mens thongs and bikinis, many times they decide that they need to do some things that will allow them to also garner that positive and lustful attention when they go to the beach. When they begin their workout regimen and start to notice how much better that their bodies are starting to look; it will become much easier for them to shop for clothes that flatter them. That is usually the biggest problem that these guys who hate shopping have anyway. They hate the way their bodies look and do not feel that anything they try on is going to enhance their appearance. Once they begin improving their appearance, all of that can change.


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Discovering Mens Thongs and Bikinis


I never really gave a lot of thought about how exciting it would be to wear mens thongs and bikinis out in public. Actually, I never really thought about wearing them in any capacity in my life. I figured that things like this were not something men would be willing to wear anyway. Then, I started to see guys walking around on the beach wearing things that seemed just a tad out of place in my opinion. It was not until I noticed that there were more and more guys wearing these items that I decided to look online to see if I could find any more information about them.

You have to understand that I did not know they were mens thongs and bikinis that these guys were wearing so trying to search for them took a bit of time. I used every wording I possibly could use in order to describe what I thought I was seeing on the beach. Some of the words I used returned a few good results while the majority of them had nothing to do with what I was looking for. Once I figured out that I needed to search for bikinis and thongs, I instantly found all the designs I could hope to see.

There are a lot of things in my life that I will probably never get around to doing, but wearing mens thongs and bikinis is not going to be one of those things. In fact, I am wearing a sexy little thong right now as I am writing this and absolutely love it. I plan on taking it to the beach to show off to my adoring public as soon as I can today. Whether or not those people like what I am wearing has little to do with how I feel about wearing them. I love the feeling of having a thong or bikini caressing my body and I will continue to wear them for as long as possible.


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Switching to Mens Thongs and Bikinis


Many guys all over the world decide to switch to mens thongs and bikinis as their primary swimsuits every year. These are the same men who have always preferred wearing swimming trunks, briefs or even cut off shorts as their primary swimsuits. It is as if they suddenly looked around themselves while they were soaking up the sun’s rays one day and realized just out of style they were when it came to the swimsuits that they were wearing. They see all of the other men wandering around the beach or swimming pool wearing swimsuits that are much smaller but more stylish than the suits they are currently wearing. That is when they try to change things.

These guys all turn in the direction of mens thongs and bikinis as their alternative option to the possibly outdated swimwear that they have been using for years. In case you may have been living under a rock for the last few years, you might just wonder what thongs and bikinis are in regards to mens swimwear. Bikinis have been around forever in the world of swimsuits for both women and men. They are cut very low below your belly button and fit rather tightly to your body. The bikinis are quite popular and have become more so over the years. In fact, they are practically the number one choice of men when it comes to swimsuits.

Now in understanding more about mens thongs and bikinis, you need to know what a thong is. This is a rather odd shaped pair of panty like garments. It falls well below your belly button in the front with only a single strip of material in the back. This strip fits snugly between your ass cheeks providing a lifting and separating effect, making your ass look wickedly sexy and delicious. Once you try either the thongs or the bikinis, you will be totally hooked on them.

Have Fun with Mens Thongs and Bikinis


When it comes to mens thongs and bikinis, the word “fun” should be synonymous with them. Guys who turn to these garments for all of their swimming and tanning outings tend to have a lot more laughter and fun in their lives than those men who are afraid to wear anything other than shorts and a t-shirt. Of course, those guys who harbor fear of showing too much of their bodies to others usually have a reason to feel that way. On the other hand, though, there are things that can be done to help these guys get in better physical shape so that they can build the confidence needed to wear something so daring. 

That is actually the biggest issue with mens thongs and bikinis. Men do not seem to want to spend the time and effort that is often needed to help themselves look better so that they can finally wear something of this nature when they go to a public beach. Many of them would rather just sit around whining and moaning about how they cannot wear something sexy to the beach or around the pool because of how obese they are. If you happen to fall into that category; it is time for you get up off of your ass and get to work on yourself. Just imagine how much positive attention you would get at the beach if you weighed less and had better muscle tone!

Mens thongs and bikinis are the perfect beach and pool garments when you are serious about gathering those admiring glances and, possibly, some phone numbers along the way. Do not smirk at this! It happens all the time! Those bikini and thong swimsuits just do something to the people viewing them when the wearers have done their work so they look amazing in them. So before you scoff at wearing garments like these yourself, do a little more research into how much work you would need to do personally in order to have some fun, too.


Taking Mens Thongs and Bikinis Seriously

Once upon a time, many years ago, men wore only a certain type of swimsuit because of all the ordered modesty surrounding them. Today, however, mens thongs and bikinis have worked their own magic and have become serious contenders for the most popular of swimsuits for guys to wear. As the world evolved and society learned to be a bit more open minded about such things, men as well as women were encouraged to display a lot of their bodies when wearing swimsuits. Therefore, men along with women were thrilled with the idea of wearing such things as thongs and bikinis when they visited the beach or sunned themselves around a resort swimming pool. Granted, these two styles of swimwear began with women and then worked their way into the lives of men, especially men who have kept themselves fit and are proud to show off their bodies.


When new and innovative designers of mens swimwear came along and saw all the fuss surrounding mens thongs and bikinis, they set to work in creating as many types of these swimsuits as possible. They wanted to be sure that the men brave enough to take these swimsuits seriously had plenty of options when choosing which suit they would wear at any given time. The idea worked beautifully, too. The more designs of bikinis and thongs that were offered to men as swimwear the more suits were bought. It seemed that all that was needed to boost the popularity of these particular swimsuits was to make them and market them for sale. Men started to buy this swimwear when they noticed just how many looks other men wearing it seemed to get.

Another reason to be grateful for the arrival of mens thongs and bikinis on the scene is that it makes most men take a good hard look at their physiques. If they really want to wear these swimsuits and look great in them, they will begin to immediately take care of their bodies. They will eat healthy diets and participate in some sort of workout regimen. In no time, these men will look amazing and can be proud when the slip on a thong or a bikini and strut along the beach. This is actually the moment in time when these swimsuits can be taken very seriously because of all the positive effects they have on those men who wear them.



Public Display of Mens Thongs and Bikinis


There is something very special about wearing mens thongs and bikinis out in public. They always make me feel so sexy that I almost can’t contain myself when I have them on my body. Of course I never show anyone that I am wearing them. I think people would look at me like I was a freak or something if they knew what I had on under my pants. But I enjoy them so much that I rarely ever wear anything else. Since I don’t go around dropping my pants for no reason, I can usually get away with wearing them everywhere I go.

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You may not think that wearing mens thongs and bikinis are something that you could do in public, but I assure you that you can. As long as you are confident in what you have on, people will think you look sexy in them no matter what. Although I am sure there are a handful of guys who wouldn’t look as sexy in them as they would think, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t wear them if they get the chance to do so. Just don’t go around showing everyone and you should do perfectly fine with them.

I wear my mens thongs and bikinis as often as I can, which is practically every day. I don’t wear them to the gym, however, because I don’t need that kind of attention in the locker room. Whenever I go to the gym, I wear regular boxers or briefs and then put my thongs or bikinis on when I get home. I do wear them to work, though, as they keep me relaxed and focused on what I am working on at the time. For those special occasions, I have some sexier designs that I like to break out that really make me look hot, and I always get compliments while I am wearing those designs.

Preparing to Wear Mens Thongs and Bikinis


Every year, guys all over the world are ready to wear their mens thongs and bikinis as they head out to the beaches and resort swimming pools. The excitement grows more the closer that time gets. Obviously, the men that are looking forward to this time are also looking for a little bit of action that will begin on the beaches and around the swimming pools. For this reason, they want to look as hot and sexy as possible in their chosen swimsuits, and that is perfectly understandable. The problem comes in when the men that have sort of let themselves go during the colder seasons are not exactly ready to be showing off their bodies in such a way.

That is where preparing yourself to wear these sexy mens thongs and bikinis comes into play. There are several ways to get ready for this huge personal event depending on where a guy’s problem areas lie. Beginning with the most obvious, you may need to do a little calorie counting and working out if your body has put on a few pounds and started to sag in places. If that sounds like you, then it is time to get yourself on a healthy eating regimen to go along with a sensible workout plan. Those crash diets rarely work and, even if they do, you will most likely experience low energy. Besides that, all of the weight that you have lost will simply come racing back with a vengeance when you stop the diet. So be sensible and do something that will work while also making you healthier. The world’s hottest men’s swimwear!

The next area of preparation to wear mens thongs and bikinis is manscaping. Nothing can detract from a body display in public more than all of the unsightly hair that seems to be neglected during the colder weather. Why worry about it? After all, you will be wearing clothes that cover all of your body so there is no need to even think about any excess body hair. However, when the warmer months start approaching; it is time to take out the razor, scissors, or make an appointment with your electrolysis professional. Whatever you do to make your body something fantastic rather than funny is what it is time to do. Taking off the excess weight and hair will have you strutting proudly along the water’s edge and getting all of the positive attention that you ever wanted.


Displaying My Mens Thongs and Bikinis


I never thought I would be wearing mens thongs and bikinis out in public, but here I am. I have a great collection of them that I have been modeling in front of people on the beach for a few months now, and I have to say that I love every second of it. I would have looked at someone like me as a freak only a few years ago, but now, I am that freak that is walking around and showing off his body. Thankfully, there are plenty of other guys on my beach that are wearing the same designs so it isn’t all that awkward.

If you haven’t worn any mens thongs and bikinis in the past, you really are missing out on something amazing. These things fit so perfectly that I often feel like I am not wearing anything at all. I am glad that I am wearing something, though, as it wouldn’t be very good to walk around on a public beach completely naked. I think people might end up having issues with me if I did something like that. They almost have issues with me in some of the designs I already wear, but at least they don’t say anything to me about it.

Mens thongs and bikinis are quickly becoming the latest style of swimwear to make a splash, no pun intended. I have started to see a lot of guys wearing these designs on the beach and it makes me very happy when I do. Every time I see a guy wearing something like this, I know that I am not the only one in the world that wants to experience different things in their lives. I think more people should try something new in their lives and wearing thongs or bikinis is a great way to do just that if you have the courage to show off your body like I do. Just think of how much of a boost your confidence will get.

​Getting to Know Mens Thongs and Bikinis


I have some friends that really enjoy wearing mens thongs and bikinis. I never really understood the appeal of wearing something like this, though, especially out in public where people could actually see you. I was always a bit embarrassed whenever my friends would wear these things out on the beach while I was around. I felt like everyone was staring at me and judging me by the company I was keeping. It almost got to the point where I was thinking about asking my friends to either stop wearing them or stop hanging out with me if they had them on.

I was all prepared to tell my friends that I just couldn’t be around them if they were going to wear those mens thongs and bikinis out in public when one of my friends brought me a little present. It was a tiny little red thong that really grabbed my attention and, for some reason, I really wanted to try it on for myself. He laughed as I grabbed at it and ran off into the bathroom to see what it was going to feel like. I have to say that I was very pleased with the way that thong fit against my skin.

Now all of us go out wearing our mens thongs and bikinis together and have the best time. I notice now that people were only staring at me because I was the only one that wasn’t wearing the sexy items that my friends were. Now when people look at us they always smile and give us a wink or two letting us know that we are the sexiest men on the beach. At least that is the way that I am going to look at it. If they don’t think we are sexy, then that is their problem because I feel sexy in my new swimwear.