Public Display of Mens Thongs and Bikinis


There is something very special about wearing mens thongs and bikinis out in public. They always make me feel so sexy that I almost can’t contain myself when I have them on my body. Of course I never show anyone that I am wearing them. I think people would look at me like I was a freak or something if they knew what I had on under my pants. But I enjoy them so much that I rarely ever wear anything else. Since I don’t go around dropping my pants for no reason, I can usually get away with wearing them everywhere I go.

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You may not think that wearing mens thongs and bikinis are something that you could do in public, but I assure you that you can. As long as you are confident in what you have on, people will think you look sexy in them no matter what. Although I am sure there are a handful of guys who wouldn’t look as sexy in them as they would think, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t wear them if they get the chance to do so. Just don’t go around showing everyone and you should do perfectly fine with them.

I wear my mens thongs and bikinis as often as I can, which is practically every day. I don’t wear them to the gym, however, because I don’t need that kind of attention in the locker room. Whenever I go to the gym, I wear regular boxers or briefs and then put my thongs or bikinis on when I get home. I do wear them to work, though, as they keep me relaxed and focused on what I am working on at the time. For those special occasions, I have some sexier designs that I like to break out that really make me look hot, and I always get compliments while I am wearing those designs.

Preparing to Wear Mens Thongs and Bikinis


Every year, guys all over the world are ready to wear their mens thongs and bikinis as they head out to the beaches and resort swimming pools. The excitement grows more the closer that time gets. Obviously, the men that are looking forward to this time are also looking for a little bit of action that will begin on the beaches and around the swimming pools. For this reason, they want to look as hot and sexy as possible in their chosen swimsuits, and that is perfectly understandable. The problem comes in when the men that have sort of let themselves go during the colder seasons are not exactly ready to be showing off their bodies in such a way.

That is where preparing yourself to wear these sexy mens thongs and bikinis comes into play. There are several ways to get ready for this huge personal event depending on where a guy’s problem areas lie. Beginning with the most obvious, you may need to do a little calorie counting and working out if your body has put on a few pounds and started to sag in places. If that sounds like you, then it is time to get yourself on a healthy eating regimen to go along with a sensible workout plan. Those crash diets rarely work and, even if they do, you will most likely experience low energy. Besides that, all of the weight that you have lost will simply come racing back with a vengeance when you stop the diet. So be sensible and do something that will work while also making you healthier. The world’s hottest men’s swimwear!

The next area of preparation to wear mens thongs and bikinis is manscaping. Nothing can detract from a body display in public more than all of the unsightly hair that seems to be neglected during the colder weather. Why worry about it? After all, you will be wearing clothes that cover all of your body so there is no need to even think about any excess body hair. However, when the warmer months start approaching; it is time to take out the razor, scissors, or make an appointment with your electrolysis professional. Whatever you do to make your body something fantastic rather than funny is what it is time to do. Taking off the excess weight and hair will have you strutting proudly along the water’s edge and getting all of the positive attention that you ever wanted.


Displaying My Mens Thongs and Bikinis


I never thought I would be wearing mens thongs and bikinis out in public, but here I am. I have a great collection of them that I have been modeling in front of people on the beach for a few months now, and I have to say that I love every second of it. I would have looked at someone like me as a freak only a few years ago, but now, I am that freak that is walking around and showing off his body. Thankfully, there are plenty of other guys on my beach that are wearing the same designs so it isn’t all that awkward.

If you haven’t worn any mens thongs and bikinis in the past, you really are missing out on something amazing. These things fit so perfectly that I often feel like I am not wearing anything at all. I am glad that I am wearing something, though, as it wouldn’t be very good to walk around on a public beach completely naked. I think people might end up having issues with me if I did something like that. They almost have issues with me in some of the designs I already wear, but at least they don’t say anything to me about it.

Mens thongs and bikinis are quickly becoming the latest style of swimwear to make a splash, no pun intended. I have started to see a lot of guys wearing these designs on the beach and it makes me very happy when I do. Every time I see a guy wearing something like this, I know that I am not the only one in the world that wants to experience different things in their lives. I think more people should try something new in their lives and wearing thongs or bikinis is a great way to do just that if you have the courage to show off your body like I do. Just think of how much of a boost your confidence will get.

Wearing Mens Thongs and Bikinis without the Attention

If you haven’t seen the new mens thongs and bikinis being worn on the beach these days, then you haven’t been to the same beaches that I have been visiting. It seems like everywhere I go there are guys wearing these designs and showing the world that men can be sexy, too. Women have been wearing bikinis and thongs for a while now and everyone is used to seeing them. However, when guys do it, it suddenly becomes a spectacle for everyone on the beach. I always see people pointing and whispering when these guys walk by and I think that is wonderful.  Extreme men’s swimwear

I think more guys should be willing to wear mens thongs and bikinis out in public so that we can all get used to seeing them. This way I would feel comfortable wearing them myself and wouldn’t feel like all the attention is focused on me. I know that there are some guys in the world that love to get that kind of attention, but I am not one of them. I would rather pass by unnoticed than have everyone pointing at me with every step I take. I guess I am just weird that way or something in that I don’t seem to need all of that attention.

I am sure that there will be a time soon when seeing mens thongs and bikinis walking around on the beach will be a common occurrence. It will be at this point in time when I will start wearing mine around on the beach, too. I think that, with everyone expecting to see these things being worn, they won’t be forcing their attention towards me. Then I can enjoy another day out in the sun just like everyone else and still be able to wear the items that I will feel the most comfortable in. That will definitely be a very good day in my book.

Mens Thongs and Bikinis for All Men

Mens thongs and bikinis tend to get a bad reputation for the most part. This is for many reasons but one of the biggest ones is that men should not be exposing as much bare skin as they do when wearing these types of swimsuits. When you consider how many years that women have not only been wearing such things as bikinis and thongs on public beaches and around swimming pools, but have been encouraged to do so; that is pretty much a double standard to feel that men should not be afforded the same privilege. Besides, in many cases, men look much better strutting around wearing tiny swimsuits than a lot of women do.

It seems to me that all men should be allowed the opportunity to wear mens thongs and bikinis as often as they like. There are many men who go all out in giving their best efforts to stay in shape. It is these men that should be encouraged to wear as little as possible when they head out to the beach or appear poolside at a resort. Nothing is hotter than a great looking man showing as much of his magnificent body as he is allowed. Granted, on family friendly beaches, there need to be some rules in place, but there are also many clothing optional beaches where they can get by with wearing as little or nothing as they choose.


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Obviously, there will always be some guys who should stay as far away as possible from mens thongs and bikinis. Those, of course, are the men who simply do not want to get up off of that couch and turn off the television so that they can participate in a more active lifestyle.  However, even those guys can shove themselves into a thong or bikini if that is what they truly want. They just need to be aware that they are going to be pointed and laughed at by the majority of beachgoers. As long as they can handle other people thinking they look ridiculous, then they can certainly wear all of the tiny swimwear that they choose.

Mens Thongs and Bikinis for Older Men


Seeing guys wearing mens thongs and bikinis made me realize that I am a bit too old fashion to go to the beach. I always felt that guys should be wearing swimsuits that covered up their bodies and didn’t show off too much skin.  But the more guys I see wearing things like this the more I want to get out there and show off my body. So I did the only thing I knew to solve that little issue; I went out and bought my own thong to wear. It wasn’t easy for me to do that, but I felt I had to in order to prove a point.

Now when I see other guys wearing mens thongs and bikinis I feel like I am a part of the culture. I used to shake my head in disgust when I saw guys wearing things like this out in public. But I am just like them now and I can fully understand why guys would want to wear something of this nature. Not only do they look good in them, but they are so much fun to wear. I honestly can’t get enough of my thongs and bikinis, even at home.

I know that wearing mens thongs and bikinis, at my age, probably isn’t something everyone wants to see. On the other hand, I do get a lot of people congratulating me for doing so. I guess they like the fact that an old man like me is willing to embrace something new and run with it. Although when I am actually running, I find that my cock has a tendency to flop out of the suit I am wearing and scare people. Other than that, I enjoy getting out there and acting like I am part of a younger generation that understands what it means to have fun these days.

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Reactions to Mens Thongs and Bikinis


Every time I take my mens thongs and bikinis out in public, I always get the same looks from people. One set looks at me and cringes like I am about to bust my swimwear open in front of them and wiggle my cock in their faces. The other group does a double take before smiling awkwardly and walking away from me. It feels a bit odd when either of these groups look at me so I have decided to give those looks back to people that I feel would do this to me on the beach. Only I don’t do it on the beach.

I find people out in public going about their normal lives that would look at me strangely while I was wearing mens thongs and bikinis and give them the same looks. It’s rather interesting to see the reactions that they have when I look at them in this manner. Most people don’t like it and will attempt to get in your face to ask you what your problem is. I learned that some will even get physically upset with you and try to back you into a corner so be careful if you are going to try this yourself.

I love wearing my mens thongs and bikinis and a bunch of ignorant fools making funny faces at me isn’t going to stop me from wearing them. I have way too much self-respect to have people   like that change my mind on anything. If they were to wear something like this, even in the privacy of their own homes, they would probably end up feeling the exact same way I do. Then they would stop looking at people on the beach like this and the entire world could start working out how to get along better. At least that is what I keep hoping for in the future but it may all still be just a pipe dream of some sort.

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The Mens Thongs and Bikinis Experience


I have seen a lot of mens thongs and bikinis on the beach and always wondered what it would be like to wear one myself. Now, I don’t have one of those bodies that most of the guys have when they wear things like this, but it’s not all that bad. I guess I could spend some extra time at the gym or something to make my body better, but I’m just not that much into working out. Of course, it might not please some people if I show up on the beach in a thong, but that’s okay.


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There are times when I think that wearing mens thongs and bikinis would probably not be a good thing to do in public. I feel like most people would just end up being creeped out with seeing me walking around showing off that much of my body. I don’t want to upset anyone, so I keep thinking that I will just give up trying to be sexy and go on with my life as it is. Actually, my life right now is completely boring and I really do need to change things in order to have some fun.

I have started looking around online to see what kind of mens thongs and bikinis are available and I figure that I can wear them around the house instead of out in public. That way I can experience them the way I want to without having to worry about anyone else seeing me in them. Then I won’t have to worry about being laughed at or anything and I can see if this is something I want to continue to do. If I do want to continue it, then I can figure out a way of being comfortable wearing them in front of other people in the future.

Mens Thongs and Bikinis on the Beach


 I have seen a lot of mens thongs and bikinis out on the beach lately and I am thrilled that guys are starting to understand how great they are. I have been wearing them for a long time now and always wanted to see other guys trying them out. I thought for a few years that I was going to be the only crazy guy waltzing around on the beach. Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore and I can’t wait until every guy is wearing them just like they wear those traditional swimwear designs.

I guess I should clarify a little bit; I don’t really think all men should be wearing mens thongs and bikinis out in public. There are quite a few guys that should probably try to hide as much of their body as humanly possible while they are out in public. I don’t say that to be mean, but there are many guys these days that aren’t exactly the sexiest men in history. But they should feel proud to be able to wear them around the house or on private beaches if it is something they would like to try once in a while.

I have a friend that keeps telling me he is going to wear some mens thongs and bikinis out to the beach with me and I have to remind him that he doesn’t have the body for them. It’s not that he is overly out of shape or anything, but the amount of body hair that this man possesses is excruciatingly excessive. He is walking proof of Evolution. I honestly think that he is joking around most of the time when he tells me things like this, but you never really know with him. On the other hand, I wouldn’t stop him from wearing them if that is something he really wanted to do. I just believe he should know what the public reaction is likely to be.

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Mens Thongs and Bikinis on Public Beaches


Seeing guys wearing mens thongs and bikinis out in public makes me feel good. I have always thought that more guys needed to be wearing things like this so that it would open up everyone else’s mind. It’s important to understand that there are guys that enjoy wearing things like this and people shouldn’t be negative towards them because they are happy. Some guys live their entire lives without knowing what it’s like to really put themselves out there for the world to see. Thankfully, I am not one of those guys and I greatly enjoy living my life.

If you would have told me fifteen years ago that there would be mens thongs and bikinis being worn throughout the world, I probably would have thought you were crazy. It wasn’t until I took a vacation to a beach in Brazil and saw my first mens thong that I realized that this was something I could get behind. Or show my behind. I always wondered what it would be like to wear something like that but knew no one back home would enjoy it as much as I did when I saw it. Although it seems that times have finally changed and I can, indeed, wear one on the beach.

There is something special about being able to wear mens thongs and bikinis out in public without people throwing rocks at you and chasing you down the street with hand held farming implements. It almost feels like we are starting to live in a civilized manner these days. Hopefully, there will be more beaches in the world that will allow guys to wear things like this soon. I know there are still some beaches that refuse to allow guys to be happy with what they are wearing, but I have faith that it will change in the next few years. Just keep thinking positively.


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